Simon Timmerman

Realizes projects and likes to get the ball rolling. The freelance Project Manager stands out for his results orientation and analytical capabilities. He works collegially and strives to continuously exceed all expectations, in an affable manner.

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About Simon

Clients acknowledge his ability to deliver the desired results within the established budget, time frame, and quality.

Simon has a keen eye for detail, and implements an ironclad prognosis management. The projects he manages are therefore exceptionally well organised, and the teams he leads are effective and foreseeable.

Management Style

  • Keeps his eye on the goal.
  • Creates a system of support.
  • Strong personal input, with that little bit extra.
  • Not afraid to challenge the status quo.
  • Brings issues to the table in a respectful manner.
  • Energetic connector with a sharp focus.
  • Personal and direct approach


Makes things happen.  A go-getter who oversees the whole, thinks out of the box and adapts quickly. A man of his word. Has a strong sense of responsibility and sets dreams into motion. Autodidact. Keen to invent, create and transform. Born networker who easily finds his way.  Separates the wheat from the chaff. Extremely motivated to take on extra business. Cultivates and maintains an extensive informal network. Recognizes opportunities. Analyses all success factors and risks. Is not only bold, but also anticipatory.


Simon is a generalist, who easily makes new material his own. There is a reason why he has not yet chosen for a specialisation or branch. The freelance Project Manager has a dream of starting his own business and will be introducing his own product to the market in four years. In the meantime, he helps Multinationals to build their futures, and directs his focus and enthusiasm towards challenging projects in diverging sectors.

Work Experience

Simon Timmerman has four years experience as Project Manager, and had a quick start via ORMIT. He has worked at Rijkswaterstaat, TNT, ABN AMRO, DELA and NIKE. Since May 2012 he has been working as a freelance Project Manager.


Simon is a driven Project Manager who has a penchant for tackling complex projects. Challenge and adventure push him to perform at the top of his game, he thrives off of making order out of chaos. And to conclude, he has a strong affinity with new business development, strategy and business cases.

Approach Simon for large scale and/or complex business issues and implementation projects.

Simon’s interests lean towards innovative Multinationals who place a high priority on entrepreneurship, professionalism, and authenticity.



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